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All of our brownies and blondies are hand-made right here at our store in Blue Ash, Ohio.

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Every-Day Flavors

Eggnog Cream Cheese.jpg

Eggnog Cream Cheese

Spread holiday cheer with our take on Eggnog, in a rich, moist and creamy brownie, brimming with nutmeg, cream cheese and white chocolate chips.

Chocolate & Walnut.jpg

Chocolate & Walnut

Filled and adorned with hearty walnuts, this rich, fudgy chocolate brownie will satisfy the cravings of walnut and chocolate lovers alike.

Birthday Brownie.jpg


Our Birthday Brownie takes the cake! Celebrate with our fudgy chocolate brownie, bursting with M&Ms, chocolate chips and topped with festive sprinkles.


White Chocolate Swirl (Marble)

This buttery, light blondie swirled with delightfully rich chocolate combines the best of both worlds.


Christmas Sprinkles

Santa's favorite is a fudgy chocolate brownie all decked out with Christmas sprinkles & M&M's.

Fudgy Chocolate


A perfect fudgy combination of chocolate and more chocolate, with a perfect flaky top.

Also available in Gluten Free

Chocolate Chip.jpg


This soft, chewy chocolate chip blondie gives new meaning to the classic cookie. It’s so scrumptious - one if not enough.

Also available in Gluten Free

Oatmeal & White Chocolate.jpg

Oatmeal & White Chocolate

As comforting as soft, chewy oatmeal in a bowl, this blondie offers the added bonus of delicious white chocolate chips.



Nothing wakens the senses like fudgy chocolate filled and sprinkled with the fresh taste of peppermint.

Red Velvet Cream Cheese.jpg

Red Velvet Cream Cheese

It may look too beautiful to eat, but no one can resist this moist and chewy red velvet brownie, topped with rich cream cheese.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate.jpg

Peanut Butter & Chocolate

This mouthwatering blend of peanut butter and chocolate chips defies temptation with its mini peanut butter cups on top.

Vegan Fudgy Chocolate.JPG

Vegan Fudgy Chocolate

The vegan version of our Fudgy Chocolate brownie, is as fudgy and chocolaty as the regular version. Contains almond milk.

Square of the Day

Coffee & White Chocolate.jpg

Coffee & White Chocolate


For coffee lovers, this fudgy chocolate brownie swirled with white chocolate is infused with coffee to intensify its delectable flavor.

Cookies & Cream.jpg

Cookies & Cream


Filled with an irresistible mixture of cookies and cream and topped with cookie chunks, this is one decadent chocolate brownie.

Salted Caramel.jpg



When hungry for sweet and salty, this mouthwatering combination of rich chocolate, gooey caramel and a sprinkling of salt hits the spot.

Raspberry & Whtie Chocolate.jpg

Raspberry & White Chocolate


This blondie’s splash of tart raspberries strikes the perfect balance with its white chocolate chips.

Chocolate Cream Cheese.jpg

Chocolate Cream Cheese


Savor this chocolaty, rich cream cheese brownie with a white chocolate chip crunch and a touch of chocolate shavings to top it off.

Red Velvet Cream Cheese.jpg

Red Velvet Cream Cheese


It may look too beautiful to eat, but no one can resist this moist and chewy red velvet brownie, topped with rich cream cheese.


Lemon Cream Cheese.jpg

Lemon Cream Cheese


This cream cheese blondie offers a refreshing lemony flavor enhanced by a burst of poppy seed crunch.




Nothing wakens the senses like fudgy chocolate filled and sprinkled with the fresh taste of peppermint.

Orange White Chocolate.jpg

Orange White Chocolate


This combination of rich white chocolate and a hint of orange offers a treat with a touch of tang.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese.jpg

Cream Cheese


Enjoy the familiar taste of Thanksgiving in a soft cream cheese blondie full of pumpkin, spice, and chocolate chips.

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Brownie Dozen Sample Pack

Fudgy Chocolate x2
Chocolate Chip
Coffee & White Chocolate
Salted Caramel
Raspberry & White Chocolate
Cookies & Cream
White Chocolate Swirl (Marble)
Oatmeal & White Chocolate
Chocolate & Walnut
Peanut Butter & Chocolate
Birthday Brownie

Free shipping is included!

Gluten Free option now available!

Christmas Gift Brownie Box 

These 12 delicious holiday brownies are
the most festive gift!
Holiday Shipping Available until December 14th!

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Christmas Brownie Gift Box

6 Christmas Sprinkles

2 Peppermint

1 Fudgy Chocolate

1 Chocolate Chip

1 Salted Caramel

1 Raspberry White Chocolate




Free shipping is included!

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A Family Business Through and Through

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We started in the kitchen of our house in Montgomery, Ohio, a literal mom-and-pop operation.


After creating recipes and testing them hundreds of times (we count our kids among our army of taste testers), in February of 2019, we were excited to open Cincinnati's only

brick-and-mortar brownie store! 

All of our classic and unique flavors of brownies and blondies are handcrafted. We watch every detail, every ingredient and every measurement.

Whether you fancy a fudgy, delicious chocolate brownie or crave a chewy, soft blondie, we've got you covered with many delectable flavors!

And why Buckabee? When our son was learning to talk, his word for brownie was Buckabee.

Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 5:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 2:00
Sunday: Closed

4756 Cornell Road, Blue Ash, Ohio

Cornell Place, behind Chick-fil-A

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